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I'm Lanta.

I help personalize your home and special events with words that matter

(and look pretty, too).  

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I'm a licensed therapist (LPC), ordained minister, lettering artist, wife and toddler mom. 

Lettering is my love language!  I've always had a love for hand lettering and the way it inspires creativity and authenticity. Pen to paper is an expression of myself and my story. 


I'm a small-town Georgia girl who found her way to Atlanta and decided to stick around. I love Gilmore Girls, dark chocolate covered pretzels from Trader Joes, and trying out new Mexican restaurants with my husband and daughter! I'm all about spreading kindness by treating all people with dignity and respect.

Pull up a chair, brew a cup of coffee and let your creativity inspire your next project. ​

I'm here to help make your vision a reality.


You'll have a one-stop shop for personalized decor for your home. 

 You won't have to worry if your chalkboard sign will be another pinterest fail. 

You'll spend less time stressing about wedding envelope addressing, and more time preparing for an important day.

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